Precision Machined Parts

Sincon Technology, s.r.o. is engaged in precision CNC machining

of prototype parts and small batches (typically of up to 500 pcs). We most often carry out customized job order CNC fabrication for domestic and European customers. These job orders are mostly individual partial components which serve as component parts in various machines for the food processing industry, science and research, optics, health services or the automotive industry. We can procure expert specialists who will be able to assist you with the design and technological solutions for your products and who will follow up all the way to the final product.

Our staff at Sincon Technology, s.r.o. acquired many references in CNC manufacturing of engineering components and have extensive experience with processing most machinable materials. We machine nonferrous metals such as duralumin and other aluminium alloys, copper or brass but also various types of steel. We have extensive experience in processing stainless steels, plastics, composite materials, special ceramics but also with various atypical materials.

We especially focus on the fabrication of high precision parts for scientific instruments, and for production and measuring fixtures. In the course of its activities, the team at Sincon Technology, s.r.o. also acquired extensive experience in making models and moulds and dies for vacuum plastic moulding and cast-iron and aluminium casting.

CNC machining and precision fabrication is mostly carried out based on 3D data in various formats (STEP, IGES, Parsolid, etc.). Modern CAD/CAM systems (SolidWorks, SolidCAM) are used to generate the data and for programming. The company has its own high temperature furnace for the heat treatment and preparation of some materials or products. Other surface treatments (anodizing, nickel plating, zinc plating) are carried out in conjunction with our selected proven partners in our region.

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